Immersion in Acrylic

6 sessions of 2 hours
( every Tuesday 6:30pm)

In English /
From 10 y.o.
Prepare the following materials
  1. Canvas on board (27x35cm) - x1
  2. Canvas on board (30x40cm) – x2
  3. Paper A3 – (x5 sheets), can be mix media 200g or another drawing/sketch paper
  4. Paper A4 – (x2 sheets), can be mix media 200g or another drawing/sketch paper
  5. Sharpened colored pencils to draw sketches, eraser
  6. Different sized, synthetic paint brushes: 5 flat brushes - 2, all or any of 4, 5, 6, and 9 size, 2 round brushes - 4 and 10 size
  7. Primary colors of acrylic paint (white, black, magenta, yellow, blue). Other colors of your preference
  8. A container with water to clean the brushes
  9. Napkins or other types of cloth
  10. Palette or any plastic or wood board or thick paper to mix paints
  11. Protection for the table and self-protection like gloves and apron (optional)
  12. Printed image of the animal you can identify yourself with to use like a reference
  13. Easel
  14. Paper mask base
  15. Elastic (to use it for the mask)
  16. Glue
  17. Any kind of recycled materials (plastic, paper, wood, textile)

If you do not have these materials at all or partially, you can order them at ArtZone, and we will deliver them to you. To do this, please contact us via any of the messangers.

Meet your tutor
Rita Grancho
Acrylic and drawing workshops tutor
Rita is a plastic artist born in Lisbon, uses her art to deconstruct bodies and faces by creating masks in search of other realities within her feminine universe. The strong lines and colors give energy to her work and characterize her own style. Rita's intuitive painting reviews and reveals emotions and experiences that pass through the body and mind, using it as a reflection of what she observes around her for the creation of her artistic objects.

Rita is inspired by the constant relationship between themes of human and personal existence, where most of her works are defined as self-portrait and portrait of the world in which she lives or speculates to live. She intends to recreate experiences and moments of the interior and exterior space in physical and artistic space.⁠

Rita is a fun and extra creative tutor who will never let you get bored!
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