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ArtZone's Blog / Sept 12th, 2022 / ~ 7 mins read


Is there a secret, having comprehended which you can pick up a brush and create a masterpiece?

How to become an artist? What does it take to draw a masterpiece? These questions are often asked by people who decide to learn how to draw and paint. In this article, we will find out if art is easy to learn.


Many people think that it takes great talent to learn how to draw. But it's not! To learn how to draw, you just need a little patience and a great desire. Perhaps these are the two components that invariably lead to success in any branch of human activity.

Do you think Mozart, Paganini, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Michael Jackson were born geniuses? Do you think the greats have achieved everything at once? Nothing like that, if you read their biographies, it becomes clear that this is not so. Anyone can create a masterpiece if they want and put in the effort, and we'll discuss why below.


lisbon art weekend

The main thing is your passion, the desire to learn how to draw. Each of you is able to develop your own style in painting, even if you have never held brushes in your hands or have heard hard-hitting reviews addressed to your painting from others.

Age? Age does not matter, by the way, many people remember that in childhood they copied well from postcards, drew on asphalt, some even exhibited at children's drawing competitions and took some places, but then for some reason no one considered these abilities necessary to develop. The secret is that every person has the ability to draw by nature. In our art school in Lisbon, masterpieces are created in 100 out of 100 cases. And you can too!


The artist is the freest profession in the world, this person can express his or her emotions as he or she sees fit. There are no frames and borders, everyone is free to draw as he or she wants. Moreover, perhaps it is you who is destined to discover some new direction or style in painting, as cubism, futurism, suprematism, primitivism, surrealism, symbolism and many others appeared in their time.

Have you always wanted to express yourself, but others didn't understand you? It won't be like that anymore. In drawing classes, people find like-minded people and best friends, and some even find a soul mate. Imagine how great it is to create together all your life!

lisbon art weekend


lisbon art weekend

However, not everyone wants to become great artists: for some it's a hobby, someone just wants to make a childhood dream come true, and others want to decorate an apartment with their works. All this is easily achievable!

In addition, there are important advantages of learning art:

  • Thanks to drawing, perception and visual memory are improved.
  • It helps to look at things more deeply, to study subjects comprehensively.
  • The right brain hemisphere develops, you become more creative in all aspects of life.
  • They say that there are no crazy people among artists. Painting will help to leave all the negativity on the canvas and come in harmony.


At present, there are many opportunities for learning painting: techniques, methods and training programs have been developed that are not focused on theory, but, on the contrary, sharpened immediately for practice, so that students immediately get a taste and awaken their inner resources and dormant abilities. Already in the first classes at our art school, students are able to create their own real paintings, which will certainly inspire them to continue this creative path.

In order to master the technique, for example, acrylic or watercolor, it is enough to complete one course of 6-10 lessons. But even after one workshop, you will leave with a picture that is not ashamed to decorate the interior.

lisbon art weekend


of Art Studio ArtZone Global
ArtZone is a creative space where everyone can learn art. How is that possible?

- The right materials (all materials are carefully selected by the teacher).
- The program is carefully thought out and built from simple to complex.
- Step-by-step instructions from experienced tutors.
- Work in small groups allows to control the learning process of each student.

We know how to teach everyone to create masterpieces. Just come and see! Also feel free to ask me any questions about art classes in Lisbon.

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