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ArtZone's Blog / October 30th, 2022 / ~ 10 mins read


In this article, we will give you 4 practical tips on how to choose a picture for the interior.


We love going to exhibitions of classical and contemporary art. We all love to buy masterpieces of local art while traveling. Many of us are versed in artistic styles and techniques. But as soon as it comes to choosing a painting for our own home, we are completely lost and do not understand which painting will best suit our interior. After reading this article, it will become much clearer to you how to choose a picture for the interior.

So, we go into the room where we want to place the picture. Try to perceive the interior of your home abstractly and objectively. Let's go!


art shop
"Sunflowers’ Bouquet" by Veronica Mochalova
You can order this painting in our art store in Lisbon

To simplify the task for those who are not particularly versed in interior styles, we will single out two large groups:

-modern interior. It includes, for example, mid-century modern, minimalism, loft, neoclassicism.

-conservative. Among its representatives are dark classics and country styles.

What gives us an understanding of the style of the interior? Any item you want to fit into an existing living space (whether it's a vase, rug, or piece of art) needs to be in harmony in style with what's already in the room. An object that "falls out" of the general style will look alien.

!!! Understanding whether your interior is modern or conservative narrows the range of choice, helps you choose the right picture for the interior. If the interior is modern, then we will look at abstraction, avant-garde and conceptual art. If the interior is conservative, then we look at realistic art (landscapes, still lifes, portraits), impressionism and, possibly, some avant-garde works.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but we will not consider them within the framework of our article.


The ratio of the color scheme of the picture and space is the second stage in deciding how to choose a picture for the interior of a particular room.

The first step is to highlight the main, secondary and accent colors of the interior. !!! The main one is the color that clearly prevails (70-80%). As a rule, this is the color of the walls. Additional color takes 15-20%. It can be the color of the furnishings, large furniture (sofa, armchair, wardrobe, etc.). Accent - one that takes up no more than 5%, as a rule, this is the color of small decor. For example, you can get such a trio: "light gray, marsala, gold" or "light beige, chocolate, turquoise" or any other combinations that are present in your room.

The second step is to decide on the expectations of the picture. The picture can support the main color of the interior. And it can become a connecting element, bringing together additional and / or accent colors. Whether your interior is monochrome or brightly colored, a picture can soothe it or add drive.

By the way, in our art store there is a convenient filter by the color of the picture, which greatly facilitates the selection of a picture for the interior.

art shop
"Dama de Oro" by Kerstin Genz
You can order this painting in our art shop in Lisbon


art shop
Rose Puff Collection. Triptych. Aline Now
You can buy this pictures in our art shop
We will share with you a few tips that will help you decide on the placement of the picture.

-Answer the question, where do you look first when you enter a room? Try to notice how your eyes wander around the room, at what points it pauses. Such places are the main contenders for the title of custodian of painting.

-Where is the seating area in the room? In the office, it can be a cozy armchair, in the living room - a large sofa, in the dining room - a place at the table. Place the picture so that it is convenient for you to look at it from your resting place. The placement height will also depend on this. For example, you should be comfortable looking at your work without tilting your head back.

-Leave free space around the painting, do not press it too close to the furniture. There should always be "air" around the picture!

-You can not hang the picture, but put it on a chest of drawers, a desk and even the floor, if it is large!

!!! As for lighting, here we will limit ourselves to one advice. Painting does not like direct sunlight, but it favors led-backlighting.


The last step in our guide on how to choose the right painting for your interior is choosing its size. If the style of the picture and the color scheme suits you perfectly, but it is small in size, this is not your option. A very common mistake when choosing paintings is choosing the wrong size. In most cases, you need to choose the largest possible size for the location of the picture.

!!! The rule of three quarters will help you here - the width of the picture should be approximately equal to ¾ of the length of the piece of furniture over which it is placed. For example, a painting is planned above the console. The length of the console is 120 cm, multiply by 3/4, we get 90 cm. This means that the width of the picture above this console should be approximately 90 cm. Or the length of the sofa is 240 cm, multiply by ¾, we get 180 cm. So, the picture above the sofa needs about this length.

That's all!

Why don't we write about the plot, about the meanings, about the idea? About what can and cannot be placed in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office? Which images are correct and which are not? Because there are no rules. More precisely, because your house is your rules.

art shop
"OKAY" by Mihaela Popa
You can order this picture in our art store


of Art Studio ArtZone Global
The ArtZone art store in Lisbon has a large selection of paintings by local and international artists in stock and on order. Come visit us or order paintings online with delivery anywhere in the world.

I will help with the choice of paintings for the interior, advise on the authors, techniques and styles of our masterpieces for sale. Feel free to contact me.

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